Here is a sample of some of the projects that we have done for our customers:

Strategic information systems implementation

  1. Oracle e-Business suite 11.0.3 & 11i Implementations at ten merged or acquired plants for Sanmina-SCI in the USA, Europe and Israel
  2. Oracle e-Business suite 11i feasibility study for AT&T Wireless
  3. Oracle Applications 11.0.3 for Vitkovice
  4. i2 Supply Chain Planner for FCPA, Sun & Toshiba
  5. Oracle Applications 10.7 NCA at FCPA
  6. Oracle Applications 10.7 for 5 acquisitions of KLA-Tencor
  7. Oracle Manufacturing & Distribution 10.7 for KLA-Tencor in the USA & Israel
  8. Oracle Distribution 10.7 for Seagate Technology
  9. Oracle Manufacturing 10.6 for KLA


Upgrades of existing information systems

  1. "Star" to Oracle Applications for the Customer Support division of KLA-Tencor
  2. "Mapics" to Oracle Applications at an acquired company for KLA-Tencor
  3. Oracle Applications 10.7 to 11.0.3 for Sanmina
  4. Oracle database from 7.3.4 to 8.0.5 for Sanmina
  5. Oracle Applications 10.6 to 10.7 multi-org for KLA, Plantronics, CellularOne, FCPA
  6. Oracle Applications 9 to 10.6 for FCPA


Interfaces between existing and new information systems

  1. Design and create a seamless interface between Oracle Applications and UPS logistics & DHL systems to support using a third party logistics provider at the Customer Support division of KLA-Tencor.
  2. Xora platform connectors to Oracle e-Business suite 11i for Xora
  3. i2 Supply Chain Planner with Oracle Manufacturing for FCPA, Sun & Toshiba
  4. Web based credit card billing integration with Oracle Applications for FCPA, Crystal Decisions (formerly Seagate Software), Veritas, CellularOne
  5. EDI framework implementation for FCPA, KLA-Tencor
  6. Sherpa PDM Integration with Oracle Manufacturing applications - Seamless integration of Part number data including manufacturer information, costs and item categories, BOM data and ECO information for KLA-Tencor
  7. Interface between Dun & Bradstreet company data and Oracle Applications for seamless weekly updates to enable financial reporting by customer hierarchy for Aspect Communications.

Custom development

  1. Warehouse management and distributed shipping system, which enables to ship to and invoice customers, perform inventory transactions and intercompany receipts, even when Oracle Applications is not available. The system provides support for container management - pallet, case, and serial number structure. For companies with warehouses that are distributed over a wide geographic area, this system can be installed on a local machine at each warehouse site, and interface with the Oracle Applications ERP system in batch mode. This translates into faster performance, fault-tolerance (continue shipping when ERP system is unreachable) and distributed processing. WebApps provided the design, development, and implementation.
  2. Web based RMA (Return Material Authorization) diagnostics, eligibility and authorization, RMA generation and status tracking system design and project management for FCPA (Fujitsu Computer Products of America) including interface to Oracle Applications. The main features are:
  3. Web solutions to enable intranet access to enterprise applications data such as:
  4. International NAFTA shipping system for Plantronics
  5. RF (Radio Frequency) Bar-Code equipment to issue WIP (Work in Process) material to a kit and perform PO (Purchase Order) receipts, with seamless integration into Oracle Applications for KLA-Tencor
  6. End-to-end DFT (Demand Flow Technology) solution for Oracle Applications 10.7 - A continuous flow line assembly system involving kanban size calculation, assembly-pull back-flushing and bar-coded demand signals and replenishments with interfaces to Purchasing and Inventory receipts using the JCIT methodology for KLA-Tencor
  7. Receiving Inspection and disposition - Detailed tracking of defect codes, rework instructions, disposition of material with interfaces to Inventory and WIP
  8. Customer and Product hierarchy solution for enhanced financial reporting for FCPA and Aspect Communications
  9. Comprehensive ECO (Engineering Change Order) Cost exposure reporting - For a given ECO and an effectivity date, a detailed calculation of the cost exposure including the current on-hand, opportunity cost, scrap cost, scheduled receipts and any other sources of demand and supply for KLA-Tencor
  10. Intuitive Outside Processing in a 'routing-less' CFM environment - With this functionality, PO Requisitions can automatically be generated for all purchasable items without having to create separate OSP resources for each item. It also allows all inventory parts to be sent out for outside processing or placed on Purchase Orders as regular "Goods" without having to flip the OSP flag attribute on the Oracle Applications item master for KLA-Tencor
  11. WIP-to-WIP Job completions - Enables users to complete lower level subassemblies into higher-level assemblies in a single step, eliminating the need to first complete the subassembly into a subinventory and then issue it into the next higher level WIP job.
  12. Global ATP (Available to Promise) across multiple inventory organizations - Unlike out-of-the-box Oracle Applications functionality, this allows for the best ATP date to be calculated based on supply-demand in a user specified choice of Organizations
  13. Several Xora platform implementations to allow wireless access to corporate data, for Xora customers