WebApps is a private company founded in 1996 by Oracle veterans from the Oracle Applications group, with an extensive background in consulting, support and development.

WebApps' mission has always been to provide the best value and return on the investment to our customers, by delivering the most professional and knowledgeable consulting services on schedule and within budget. Our people have a unique blend of experience and background in both the business environment and the technical IT skills, which we deploy for the benefit of our customers.

Since the early days of the company we have helped a variety of distinguished companies with their efforts to re-engineer their business processes and implement modern ERP systems, interface new and old systems, upgrade enterprise IT systems, integrate information systems during acquisitions, enable new technologies, and provide support and custom development of Applications.

With this pool of talented people and access to the business requirements of large corporations, WebApps has been the source of innovation that led to the creation of new products and solutions.

As early as 1996 we had a Web based application (hence our name) that allowed easy and intuitive access to Oracle Applications item-data, bill-of-material (BOM's), and engineering changes (ECO's), without the use of the Oracle client software. This addressed the need of engineering departments to have immediate access to the most current data used in manufacturing, without the complexity or cost of installing, using or learning the Oracle Applications ERP client software. Only two years later, in mid-1998, Oracle introduced a web-based client approach (NCA) with release 11 of Oracle Applications.

In the late 90's we realized that with the high pace of emergence of new technologies, standards and tools, there is a need to ease the learning curve of our customers, and allow fast implementation and integration of new technologies such as web, cell-phone, and voice access to enterprise data. This resulted in "PlainSpeak", a product that evolved into a set of tools that were the base for a new company called Xora, which was spun out of WebApps in 2000.

We continue to strive to provide the highest level of professional and knowledgeable consulting in the areas of business process re-engineering and the associated IT strategy and products, while letting our customers benefit from the innovative spirit of our company.

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